Codename: The Boss

The Boss Aliases: The Joy, Voyevoda
Real Name: classified
Age (in 1964): early 40s
Gender: female
Nationality: British American
Occupation: Career Soldier
Frequency: 141.80

Voice Actor (English): Lori Alan
Voice Actor (Japanese): Inoue Kikuko (last-name first-name)
Motion Actor: Hirata Eriko (last-name first-name)


blond hair, blue eyes, beauty spot

No, fanartists/fic writers, I do not believe she has brown hair and green eyes.


Olive Drab In Virtuous Mission, The Boss wears the Olive Drab (image on the left) — commonly known as OD; a single-colour, standard battle uniform for general infantry during World War II. form-fitting cyber suit The solid colour does not provide an effective camouflage, but she did not need to blend into the surrounding given her mission at the time. Snake also has this camo by default.

In the major part of the game (Operation Snake Eater), The Boss is seen wearing a white, form-fitting, cyber-y suit designed for her (image on the right). The fancy suit conveniently comes in handy as a camouflage in the very last battle.