Here you will find the trivial trivia of The Boss and the people and things around her. I think it is safe to say that everything you find here is also Kojima-confirmed.


  1. The Boss through The Sorrow's eyes Did you know that you could see flashbacks of the last "battle" between The Sorrow and The Boss when you wade through The Sorrow's river? Instead of avoiding the pathetic plasma thingy he shoots at you, try getting hit and you might be able to catch a glimpse of the brief scenes like the image above!

Original Design

  1. original design of The Boss The Boss' huge snake-shaped scar was actually originally designed to be a snake tattoo.

    Kojima also told us in Metal Gear Saga, "... when firing a gun, her breast would shake, making the snake look like it was laughing. There would be this legend: that when you saw the laughing snake, your life would soon be over." — meaning, in a nutshell, that The Boss was also originally designed to have her suit zipped down and breast(s) exposed all the time!

    I am glad they realised in the end that a woman warrior do not usually run around without proper support; even EVA wears a bra!

  2. reaching out In the scene where The Boss and the crew were flying over Tselinoyarsk in the helicopters, The Boss was supposed to release her bandanna from there instead of just "reaching out" to Snake. It was when they capture the bridge scene that the team suggested that the bandanna to be pulled off from her by Snake.
  3. Did you know that The Boss was based on the image of the English actress and former model Charlotte Rampling?


  1. The version of the Davy Crockett appeared in the game could weigh up to 800lbs (363kg) in real life! Volgin and The Boss must both have superhuman strength to be able to carry them around with a smile on their face.
  2. Before you break your hands trying to imitate The Boss: it is impossible to dismantle a gun with bare hands in real life. It is probably slightly healthier to practise Ocelot's gun twirling instead.

The Real People

  1. Did you know that Inoue Kikuko, the voice actor who played The Boss' voice in the Japanese voice acting, also played the voice for Rosemary in MGS2?
  2. The motion actor for The Boss cried upon reading the script and the story of the character.