A much simpler, at-a-glance version of the important events of The Boss' life, listed in chronological order. The list contains some assumptions and may not be completely accurate. Error reports are appreciated.

mother died
1930s-father killed by the Philosophers
-established and led the Cobra unit;
took up codename "The Joy"
1943became pregnant with The Sorrow's child
Jun 1944landing at Normandy;
gave birth to son on battlefield;
baby taken away by Philosophers
1945WWII ended; victory to Allies
-given the title "The Boss"
-Cobra unit disbanded
1950sNov 1951participated in atomic testing;
became sterile
-instructor at Philosopher's school
-involvement with American Green Berets, British SAS and US Navy SEALs
-trained and developed CQC with Jack
Jun 1959sent to Space in space flight project
1960sApr 1961Bahia de Cochinos Invasion
1962mission from Philosophers;
killed The Sorrow
Aug 1964proposed establishment of FOX;
Virtuous Mission
-Operation: Snake Eater;
reassembled the Cobra unit
-killed by Naked Snake in final mission;
sacrificed for country;
went down in history as war criminal