Brief descriptions of the relationships The Boss shared with various characters in the game, expanded in the theories section (if applicable).

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Jack / Naked Snake

Snake The main relationship of the story; Snake and The Boss shared a very complicated and confusing relationship between a man and a woman. They were mentor and apprentice, like mother and son; but they were so close to each other the relationship was almost romantic, if not actually. The Boss taught Snake, her last and favourite apprentice, all her combat techniques and developed CQC with him. Snake was also the one who unknowingly aided her in her final mission.

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The Cobras

The Cobras The Cobras were the elite soldiers who trained and fought alongside The Boss (the leader of the group) during World War II. They were like a family — The Boss referred to them as her sons sometimes — and meant a lot to her. It was obvious that they were very eager to be reassembled after their unit dismantled for more than ten years. They were still loyal to her even though they had not seen her for all the time the unit was disbanded.

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The Sorrow

The Sorrow The Sorrow was one of the Cobras, The Boss' love, also the father of her son. When The Boss received the fateful mission from the Philosophers, he willingly sacrificed his own life so she could live on and complete her mission. As promised before his death, his spirit followed her even though he could no longer be physically around her. The Sorrow lingered around The Boss throughout the game in various secret R1 scenes, until when The Boss completed her final mission, they were seen fading into nothingness together.

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The End

The End The End, a centenarian, was the father of all sniping techniques, so presumably he was the one who taught The Boss all about sniping, who in turn taught Snake all about it; but we have never seen The Boss snipe in the game. It is a little odd how The Boss called the Cobras her sons generally when The End is some 60 years older than her.

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Adamska / Ocelot

Ocelot Ocelot was The Boss' son with The Sorrow, but as the boy was kidnapped from her, it was assumed that they did not know each other until they met in the mission the Philosophers gave them in 1964, 20 years later. It is not known whether they figured out their relationship in the end, although a lot of fans argue that The Boss must have known judging from how motherly she acted towards the young man.

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EVA "EVA", disguised as the real EVA (a male NSA codebreaker), then as EVA disguised as "Tatyana", was the spy the Philosophers from China sent to steal The Philosopher's Legacy. She fooled everyone in the beginning but The Boss as The Boss was an instructor at one of the Philosopher's schools. When the "Tatyana" cover was blown (not by The Boss), The Boss told Volgin she would dispose of her, when in fact she released her after telling her about her whole true mission. EVA grew a lot of respect for the older woman, and even promised her to let Snake live, which was completely against her original mission.

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