Official profiles of The Boss found on the official website, the official guide published by Piggyback Interactive in March 2005, and the supposedly leaked pre-release details that spread around the Internet.

Profile on Official Website

The Boss. Also know as The Joy.

Legendary heroine who brought victory to the Allies in WWII by leading the Cobra Unit — a team consisting of the best soldiers of the world. Spent all of the 50s with Snake and taught him all that she could. With Snake, she created CQC. She was a colleague of Major Zero in the SAS.

Profile from Official Guide

Official GuideThe Boss is a living legend. She formed the Cobras special unit, who fought in the Second World War and made a critical contribution to the success of the Allied Forces. Later, this war hero undertook operations for several different secret service and special forces outfits in the western hemisphere. During her time at the SAS, The Boss founded the 22nd regiment with Major Zero. She later supported the initiative to establish FOX, with her support ultimately leading to provisional CIA approval and funding.

During the 1950s, The Boss spent many years as Snake's mentor and instructor. With his help she developed the fighting technique known as CQC (Close Quarters Combat). During the Virtuous Mission she acts as his mission consultant, sharing her inestimable knowledge of weapons and combat techniques via radio. Snake couldn't hope for a better advisor: universally revered, The Boss is regarded as the mother of the modern special forces. Her abilities are honed to virtually superhuman levels of perfection; she is a warrior who has succeeded in each and every one of her countless missions.

Leaked Pre-Release Profile

The Boss. Female, 40s, slightly British accent. A British American female. Real name is unkown. The code name she uses in the U.S. is The Boss. She serves in FOX's VR Missions. She gives support via radio transmission during the VR Missions. Her age is unknown but she is a gorgeous female soldier somewhere in her 40s and single. She is mother of Ocelot. She had experienced the world war. She was involved with the British SAS, the American Green Beret and SEALS, and sits high on the list of each country's special-forces legendary soldiers lists. She is currently proposing the establishment of a new special force unit. She is Snake's mentor, and the only woman that Snake loves.