Her Story

"The Boss" is the codename The Boss is given and uses in the US, and rather unfortunately, we don't get to know her real name — as is the same with many of her other real stats. In fact, I doubt if even Jack a.k.a. Naked Snake a.k.a. Big Boss, who was so close to her, knew much about her himself. (And just to be clear, the Jack/Snake mentioned onwards will be this Jack/Snake, not the Raiden Jack or Solid Snake from the other MGS games).

Once Upon a Time

Baby BossThe Boss was born in England in the 1920s. We knew that she was in her early 40s in the game which took place in 1964, so she was probably born between the years 1920 and 1924. The Boss' father was one of the Philosophers, but he was murdered by the very organisation after revealing the truth about themselves to his daughter. Nothing is known about The Boss' mother — she probably died during or shortly after childbirth.

During World War II, when The Boss was merely in her late teens / early twenties, she established and led an elite team called the Cobra unit. The soldiers who trained and fought alongside her were The End, The Fear, The Fury, The Pain, and The Sorrow — their codenames based on the emotions they carried in the battlefield. (The Boss was known as The Joy at that time, and as Voyevoda to Khrushchev in Russia.) The Joy had been romantically involved with The Sorrow then, and became pregnant in the year 1943.

The ScarIn June 1944, the pregnant Joy and the Cobras were given a top secret mission to locate and destroy enemy V2 rocket installation. The Joy was shot in the stomach during battle, and had to give birth to her son (Ocelot/Adamska) right there on the battlefield, leaving the huge scar on her body afterwards that shaped like a snake. The Joy never truly knew who her son was, however, as the baby was snatched away from her by the Philosophers. (Adamska was later taken in and raised by GRU and Volgin.)

Leading the Cobras, The Joy brought victory to the Allies. That was possibly when she was given the title "The Boss". To further shatter the dream of having a family that she seemed to long for so much, the Cobras, whom The Boss sometimes referred to as her "sons", disbanded after the war and The Sorrow went back to the Soviet Union.

I raised you. I loved you.

In November 1951, The Boss went to the Nevada desert to participate in atomic testing. There she became sterile and could no longer bear children. She had been involved with the American Green Berets, British SAS and the US Navy SEALs, sat high on the list of each country's special-forces legendary soldiers lists while also being an instructor at the Philosopher's school.

She met Jack soon afterwards, whom she felt drawn to as he was also an atomic test subject on Bikini Atoll around the same time and shared many similarities (they were "both slowly being eaten away by the karma of others" and would "never have the chance to die peacefully of old age"). The Boss then spent time teaching Jack techniques and developed CQC with him, raised him and shaped him into the Snake we know. They lived and died together for about 10 years, until June 1959. She disappeared on him.

The Boss was actually on another top secret mission; she was sent to Space as the government wanted human data from the space flight project. She was especially chosen because she had been irradiated previously, so they would not be troubled about her being exposed to the heavy radiation as they did not have the technology to block out cosmic rays at that time. There, up in space, The Boss saw the universe; the planet Earth that had no boundaries in itself. The Boss felt very strongly that that was the world she wanted — a world with no boundaries; a world without communism and capitalism.

In April 1961, The Boss was sent to Cuba to Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), where on the CIA-sponsored mission, she witnessed the US government betrayed the Cuban exiles as air support was held back. All she could do was watch in silence as the exiles were annihilated by the Cuban army. She was set up by the country she sacrificed so much for; by the government she dedicated her life to defending. She was driven from the surface world and went underground.

The SorrowIn 1962, the Philosophers gave The Boss no choice but to carry out a painful mission. She faced her old comrade, her friend, her love, The Sorrow. One must die, and one must live. In the end, The Sorrow gave his life for her, but there was no enmity between them. The Sorrow's body rested forever by a river in Tselinoyarsk, Russia; his spirit followed her on, as he had promised before she completed her mission.

And in the year 1964...