Zabossu? (pronounced as "zah-BOSS-su") was originally registered on 10 January 2005 for my fanlisting collective. It was not a randomly made-up word; it is, in fact, the way the characters pronounce "The Boss" in the Japanese voice acting. I love The Boss, and I love my fanlistings; I thought it was perfect for it.

During one of my new-domain spree — 30 March 2006 to be exact — I bought another domain and moved all my other fanlistings over to it. has since become the home of this fanlisting as the domain name handily suits it.

Why a fansite/fanlisting for The Boss?

Because she's my most favourite game character, and I think she simply deserves one, even though I am not doing a good job at it. This isn't so much a site to convince people to love her, but a small tribute from a fan to one of the most memorable characters in the gaming world.

Didn't this site use to have a different name?

It did. It was changed on 11 June 2012 with the launch of Version 4. The previous name was a bit spoilerific.

[Information] is incorrect!

Please do tell me about it. Retcon or not, it would still be very interesting to know as I have not had the time to follow the MGS universe after Snake Eater.